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August 2016 Archives

Parental rights case will be moved from Utah to Illinois

Child custody in Illinois and across the country can be a complicated matter especially if access to the child is in dispute. This is frequently an issue if there is a disagreement over parental rights, and it can become significantly more complicated if the matter hinges on various factors such as residency, jurisdiction and enforcement. Having experienced help with these complex family law issues is always important, but in cases in which these circumstances are in place, it is even more so.

Illinois Supreme Court decision affects unmarried couples

For many reasons, some Illinois couples that are involved in a relationship choose not to move forward with a legal marriage. In certain instances, they might have children. In others, they are living together and holding out as a married couple, but have not actually gotten married. Regardless of the situation, if the couple decides to end their relationship, a common dispute that arises in such a circumstance is property division. Understanding the various factors involved in this issue is key for those who are not married, but are in a marriage-like relationship, children or not.

What does Illinois law say about stalking?

When a person in Illinois is being subjected to spousal abuse, it can take a great number of different forms. In some instances, the alleged abuser will take to stalking. This is against the law, and those who are facing it should be aware of what the law says about it and how they can combat it. There are strategies that can be taken within the law to put a stop to this form of abuse whether it is stalking in person or online stalking.

When will spousal support be awarded based on legal guidelines?

Illinois has certain guidelines that it uses when making spousal support determinations. Many who are unfamiliar with family law issues may be unaware of when the amount and duration of the support, also called maintenance, will adhere to legal guidelines. When the court makes a determination that the award should be given, it will decide whether or not it should adhere to these guidelines. There are, after all, certain instances when the guidelines are inappropriate. This post will focus on when the guidelines are appropriate.

What does Illinois law say about conciliation prior to divorce?

When a couple in Illinois chooses to dissolve their marriage and part ways, there are certain state laws that must be adhered to for it to be completed appropriately. In some instances, the case is such that the end of a marriage is inevitable. However, there are times when the court believes conciliation is a worthwhile endeavor to attempt in an effort to avoid divorce.

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