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June 2016 Archives

Important points about domestic violence laws in Illinois

An unfortunate issue that arises all too frequently in Illinois is domestic violence. This can place an abused spouse in jeopardy and compromise children's safety. Understanding various aspects of domestic violence laws, restraining orders, domestic violence arrests, and other issues is important when trying to deal with this problem.

Men gather in Waukegan to promote fathers' rights

In Illinois, it is a reality that child custody overwhelmingly goes to the mother. This is a common point of contention in child custody disputes as men seek to have their fathers' rights recognized on the same level as mothers' rights.. In respond to the seeming status quo, some fathers are trying to alter the landscape that seems to trample over them to give mothers custody by rote.

Options if there is a tax refund intercept for child support

When an Illinois resident is ordered to pay a certain amount to comply with a child support agreement and fails to do so, there are numerous actions that can be taken for child support enforcement purposes. One option that can be used by the state is intercepting tax refunds or money that the supporting parent is scheduled to receive. A parent who is informed that this is going to be done will often have questions about how to stop it.

Can a parent without decision-making rights get parenting time?

There are numerous factors that go into settling child custody issues in Illinois. In some instances, a parent might not be allowed to have the right to make decisions on the child's behalf, but that does not mean that he or she will be excluded from having time with the child. If a parent is confronted with denied parenting time due to a lack of decision-making ability, it is important to have legal advice to deal with the situation.

Legal assistance with an Illinois high-asset divorce

When a marriage in Illinois comes to an end, there are many different issues that come to the forefront. Often, these can vary depending on a multitude of circumstances. If, for example, a spouse is seeking to receive spousal support, which is also referred to as alimony, the financial situation of each will have a bearing on how much is paid and received. A high-asset divorce can be complicated and it is imperative that those in the process of ending a marriage in which property division and large assets are in dispute have legal help.

In family law, what factors are relevant for maintenance?

When a couple in Illinois separates or divorces, there is frequent confusion as to what factors are considered when spousal support - also known as maintenance - is determined. Those who are either seeking support or are likely to have to pay support need to have a grasp on these sometimes complicated family law issues, lest they be subjected to an unfair outcome. It is therefore wise to understand what criteria is used to make the decision on maintenance.

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