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May 2016 Archives

How Illinois law addresses a support dispute for the unemployed

It sometimes happens that a person in Illinois who owes child support or spousal support finds him or herself unemployed for a period of time. This does not mean that the paying person will not have to keep up with the payments or that the receiving person will have to find other methods of support sans assistance from the former spouse. There are numerous ways in which the court will try to deal with this situation. The circumstances will dictate how it is handled, but the individual paying support, as well as the individual receiving support, must be aware of the way this is dealt with.

Important legal points about prenuptial agreements in Illinois

A couple who gets married in Illinois might have significant assets that they want to protect, or other concerns that necessitate considering prenuptial agreements, also known as premarital agreements. While some individuals may have a basic understanding of what these agreements are, those who are getting married need to have a full grasp of these agreements to make sure that they know what they are getting into before, during and after the marriage. Knowing the definitions of the terms, the formalities and the content of the agreement are all key factors.

What is the right of first refusal in Illinois child custody?

When a couple in Illinois shares a child but are separated or divorced, there will usually be a child custody and visitation agreement. However, there are certain aspects of a child custody and visitation agreement that might sound unfamiliar. One issue is the care of minor children and the right of first refusal.

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