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Property division dispute continues even after divorce in Ill.

Some Illinois divorces are modest and will be resolved in an amicable fashion without fuss or bother. Others are a high asset divorce that lead to significant acrimony and ongoing disputes before, during and after the divorce has been finalized. Such issues as property division, how much alimony will be paid and other details will be part of the process. Those who are planning to divorce and have significant assets at stake need to be fully aware of what they are dealing with from the start.

What is the Lake County State Attorney's role in child support?

People in Lake County who are having an issue receiving their child support might not know exactly where they are supposed to turn to get help. Some people might be under the impression that they are to contact the State Attorney's Office to get what they are owed as the custodial parent. This is a mistake. However, the State Attorney's Office does play a part in the collection of unpaid child support. Knowing how this works can save time and effort in going through the right channels to rectify the situation.

Company ordered to pay more than $2 million in child support case

When a couple in Illinois shares a child and are no longer in a relationship, one will generally be the custodial parent and the other will make support payments for the child's care and upkeep. With child support, there is a great deal of nuance in how much will be ordered to pay, whether or not there can be changes, and what to do if the parent does not pay the proper amount in a timely fashion. These cases can vary widely on numerous factors and, if the circumstances are right, can even involve an employer who has been ordered to withhold payments but did not do so.

What are cooperation requirements for child support enforcement?

Child support enforcement in Illinois is generally considered to relate to those who are paying the support and are failing to do so. However, those who are receiving support also have to follow certain criteria as a foundation to the agreement. This is known as cooperation. For a custodial parent who is receiving various benefits including TANF, Family Assist, KidCare Moms and Babies, AABD Cash, AABD Medical and Parent/KidCare Assist, these requirements apply.

How does IL law define the best interests of the child?

One of the more subjective aspects of a child custody dispute in Illinois has to do with the best interests of the child. Often, parents are not entirely sure as to how a court determines what the child's best interests are, what will be factored in, and what can be done if there is a disagreement as to the determination. This is why parents should have an understanding as to what the law says about the child's best interests.

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