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Domestic violence case involving councilman moves forward

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2016 | Uncategorized |

It is an unfortunate reality in Illinois and across the country that various incidences of domestic violence take place on a regular basis. Although abusers can face restraining orders and criminal penalties, that is not always enough to stop their pattern of behavior. Taking precautions, moving forward with a removal and using legal avenues that are open to ensure the safety of children and to stop spousal abuse is a wise course of action.

A local councilman in nearby Lake County, Indiana is facing criminal charges due to abuse he allegedly perpetrated when he physically abused his wife and a co-worker. The charges were filed in December as the man was arrested for two counts of strangulation as well as domestic battery. Strangulation is a Level 6 felony. In addition, he was also charged with the Class A misdemeanor of invasion of privacy following allegations that he sent a text message to his wife and made an attempt to see one of his kids after there had been a protective order against him.

In the original incident in early December, the councilman is accused of hitting his wife and the co-worker. The co-worker, at the time, was residing with the couple. The co-worker was hit with a section of wood trim. The man then allegedly attempted to strangle the woman. His wife was knocked to the ground and he commenced to hit and bite her. The complaint says that he tried to strangle her as well. A special judge was appointed to preside over the case after the previous judge recused herself saying that the councilman’s power over the budget of her court was a conflict of interests for her handling the case.

As this case shows, domestic violence can involve anyone, even those who are in elected office and entrusted to be representatives to the community. People who are dealing with spousal abuse or any other form of domestic violence need to understand that they have the right to seek protection from their abuser. Speaking to an attorney to protect oneself and children in the relationship is paramount. After calling law enforcement, contacting a lawyer is the next call that should be made to deal with the situation.

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