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December 2015 Archives

Town President and wife move forward with divorce

It is not uncommon for couples in Illinois to decide that their marriage is no longer working out and they should part ways. Some are more prominent in the community and the divorce legal issues involve significant assets. Still others are relatively famous and the divorce dispute is one that will be discussed in the news with back-and-forth allegations compounding the inevitable divorce legal issues. Regardless of the wealth of the couple involved, or their social status, having legal help is an imperative.

Changes to Illinois divorce and child custody laws coming in 2016

For a couple in Illinois, the end of a marriage can be a difficult time. This is especially true if there is also a child custody dispute. Amid all the different factors that will arise, the law is often forgotten as if it is a minor inconvenience. But because a divorce and child custody battle are subject to the law in the state, it is important to understand how the state treats these issues. In 2016, there will be changes to the way in which Illinois courts are going to deal with a divorce and child custody.

What factors are considered when seeking parental relocation?

One of the most difficult issues that arises in Illinois when it comes to parenting time and child custody is if the custodial parent decides to relocate. Parental relocation can cause an emotional upheaval to both the child and the parent who is likely to have a more difficult time seeing the child after relocation. Having an understanding of the law and how the court determines whether or not to modify the parenting plan is important for both parents in situations such as this.

How a child support agreement is enforced in Illinois

Illinois takes the proper support of children very seriously. If a parent is obligated to pay child support under the law, then he or she must do so or face the legal consequences through child support enforcement. Parents who are supposed to receive child support payments and do not receive them in the amount that the child support agreement stipulates may have recourse. If the supporting parent refuses to pay, owns property, has been subjected to wage garnishment, is unemployed or behind in the payments, the receiving parent can take action to have this rectified.

What is the law for visitation rights for non-custodial parents?

With child custody issues in Illinois, there are often emotions and disputes. Even the most amicable divorces or circumstances in which the parents of a child are no longer together can degenerate into a constant battle when it comes to visitation rights. When a couple shares a child, it is important to understand how the state law views these cases and what is required of both parents to ensure the child has sufficient time and a relationship with the custodial and non-custodial parent.

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