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November 2015 Archives

Enforcing child support orders with a license suspension

When a parent who is ordered to pay child support fails to do so in Illinois, the state has various methods of getting those payments from a parent who is not living up to the support agreement. One of those methods is to move forward with a driver's license suspension. For parents who have fallen behind for three months or more in their child support payments, they could be subject to losing their driving privileges.

The importance of financial awareness in an Illinois divorce

There are many issues that come into play in an Illinois divorce. One that is frequently a topic of dispute is finances and how investments will be dealt with. Having a grasp on the divorce legal issues surrounding finances can be difficult. This is even harder to handle if it is a high asset divorce. Those who are moving forward with a proceeding should bear certain facts in mind.

Can I receive spousal support in a legal separation in Illinois?

When certain married couples in Illinois decide that the union is not working, they choose to legally separate rather than immediately divorce. Some couples never divorce at all, instead choosing to live separately. There can be numerous reasons for this from personal to religious to professional or a combination of these. There are laws that govern how this is handled just as there are laws covering what happens when a couple divorces. One issue that arises is spousal support if the couple is still married but is legally separated. It is important to understand this dynamic if there is a legal separation.

Minimum amounts and guidelines for child support in Illinois

Illinois parents who make or receive child support payments need to have a firm understanding of how the child support formula will affect them, how much the supporting parent pays, how much the custodial parent receives and other issues. A child who is under the age of 18 or a child who is 19 and still in high school will be subject to the custodial parent receiving child support. This is to pay for the education, health, emotional, mental and physical needs of the child.

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