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October 2015 Archives

The importance of establishing paternity in Illinois

For a variety of reasons, it is important that it is known and verified who a child's father is in Illinois. Paternity establishes the connection between child and father. Determining paternity is especially important for unmarried couples at the time the baby was born. If this is the case, then the person who is believed to be the father is known as the alleged father. The alleged father's name cannot be placed on the child's birth certificate until there has been a legal determination as to who the biological father is. If, however, the parents are married at the time of the child's birth or conception, there will be a presumption that the husband or former husband is the father and he will be legally viewed as such.

What protections are in place for victims of domestic violence?

People in Illinois who live with domestic violence need to know what to do to protect themselves and other family members who might be victimized. It is possible to have an order of protection, a civil no contact order or a stalking no contact order. The idea is to stop the behavior and protect the victims. There are several options available depending on the circumstances.

Wealthy couple settles high asset divorce in Illinois

Family law issues in Illinois can lead to disputes between spouses. The more marital assets at issue, the greater the possibility that there could be a long, drawn out process as to how the situation is resolved. When it comes to family law, these cases can be among the most contentious and acrimonious, sometimes taking years to settle. When there are significant assets and items in dispute, those who are involved need to keep a clear head and understand the importance of legal assistance.

What child custody options are available in Illinois?

One of the most significant issues when a couple shares a child in Illinois but is no longer together is child custody. Both parties might have a desire to have custody of the child, but might not have a full grasp on the different options available to them. In most cases, there is a choice between sole custody and joint custody. It is imperative to understand the difference between them and how the decision is made.

Making sure to have assistance with family law issues

It takes personal strength to assess one's best interests, particularly when it comes to marriage and divorce. If an Illinois couple feels divorce is on the horizon, it may become necessary to consider legal options when the issues become too onerous to ignore. When there are family law issues, one of the most important factors to a fair resolution is to have sound legal advice.

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