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September 2015 Archives

What is the Illinois law regarding failure to pay child support?

The failure to pay child support in Illinois is a serious offense that can lead to numerous legal problems. If there are delinquent payments, the supporting parent might not be aware of what he or she will face if caught and convicted. Naturally, it is preferable that a parent maintains payments on time and in full. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. It is wise to understand the state law and what punishments can be issued for a failure to pay child support.

Is a simplified divorce possible in Waukegan?

The first reaction to the mentioning of a Waukegan divorce is that it is a long, drawn out court battle with allegations coming from both sides, emotions running hot and the divorce legal issues taking a long time to get through. Although that is the prevailing perception -- that the end of a marriage must be difficult -- some couples simply choose to part ways and are able to do so amicably. It is with this in mind that these couples may consider a simplified divorce.

What is the Illinois law for online stalking?

Spousal abuse takes many forms in Illinois. Even when a person has taken the steps to put a stop to it by moving forward with the legal process, some abusers might try to circumnavigate the law by transferring their stalking behaviors to the online realm. What they might not realize is that online stalking is also illegal. Understanding how the law defines and handles this issue is important when dealing with it and trying to put a stop to it.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green decide to divorce

Lake County, Illinois, couples who are in the middle of a divorce or are even planning to get a divorce often face complications because of the various details that are involved in separating. A divorce is not only a legal proceeding, but it also includes complicated legal issues and financial and emotional issues regarding child custody, alimony or child support.

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