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August 2015 Archives

Illinois employer's responsibility for child support

Delinquent child support payments can lead to serious financial troubles for the custodial parent as well as for the minor child. State authorities in Illinois have investigated such issues, and they have initiated various programs and legal actions that can help the custodial parent to recover the child support payments that the family court judge ordered, keeping in mind the various factors that help determine the best interest of the child. In a lot of cases, the custodial parent finds it beneficial to consult with an attorney in order to help them seek the due child support payments.

New bill proposes to protect domestic abuse victims from guns

Domestic violence victims in Illinois often do not feel safe in their own homes. State authorities have initiated various campaigns and programs that can help victims to understand the various legal options available to them. In some cases, the victims of domestic violence also contact the nearest non-profit organizations or even social workers for help in getting out of a violent home and away from the abuser. Victims of domestic abuse may also be able to obtain a protective order against the abuser.

Proposed law to make prenuptial agreements uniform

Prenuptial agreements can be beneficial to many Illinois residents who plan on getting married. Many couples who are about to get married recognize the importance of having a legal prenuptial agreement that can help the couple to determine various issues regarding the financial aspects of a potential divorce later on. While most states, including Illinois, do recognize the validity of a legal prenuptial agreement, a uniform law governing prenuptial agreements may be beneficial to everyone involved because it will enforce the prenuptial agreement in every state in the country.

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