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July 2015 Archives

What are the legal considerations of child relocation?

Many Illinois residents find themselves in a position of having to relocate to a different city or state, or even to a different country, for reasons related to work, remarriage or another family situation. However, such situations can cause an ongoing conflict if the who person wishes to permanently relocate also has the custody of minor children. Such a relocation can often be accompanied by complicated legal procedures.

How does the ruling on same-sex marriage affect gay adoption?

With the new United States Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, many same-sex couples have breathed a sigh of relief to know that they can now get married and be recognized as a legal union under U.S. law. Illinois state laws have recognized the union of same-sex couples since 2011, with same-sex marriage being recognized according to state laws since 2014.

What is virtual visitation and how does it work?

Common points of contention between parents after divorce include child custody and visitation. These issues can become even more complicated when either the custodial or non-custodial parent wishes to relocate to another city or state. Obviously, the parent who does not have custody may not be able to see and exercise visitation rights on a regular basis, ultimately straining that parent's relationship with the child.

Does marriage equality help Illinois LGBT adoption?

Illinois gay couples often suffer prejudice and discrimination not only from society or their own families, but also from various institutions and agencies. In many cases, gay couples are up against many more obstacles than their heterosexual counterparts when it comes to the adoption process. Illinois, however, does allow same-sex couples who are in a committed relationship to adopt minor children as a couple and as individuals.

How adoptive parents can meet adoption-related expenses-Part I

For many Illinois residents, the prospect of adding a child to a family can be exciting. The process of adoption, however, can be expensive, time consuming and lengthy. In almost every case, planning is what will make the process run more smoothly. In an earlier post, we discussed the universal costs of adoption as well as the costs for certain routes such as private adoption agencies. In this post, we discuss the resources that can help an individual or a couple meet these adoption costs.

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