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Factors Illinois courts consider while awarding joint custody

In Illinois, as well as everywhere else across the United States, divorce, or dissolution of marriage, does not mean that parents are no longer responsible for their children. When the parents file for divorce, the court will consider the matter of custody, including the possibility of joint custody. Joint custody means that both parents will have an equal say in raising the child or children. The parents will make all major decisions jointly, including the child's schooling, upbringing and religious education.

The VAWA supports women who are domestic violence victims

Unfortunately, incidents of domestic violence against women in the state of Illinois and throughout the United States are still common. The Violence Against Women Act was passed in 1994 to improve the manner in which domestic violence against women can be handled.

The best time to talk about a prenuptial agreement

A discussion about a prenuptial agreement while still dating may be embarrassing because it presupposes divorce before the couple has walked down the aisle. However, engaged couples in Illinois may find signing a prenuptial agreement will provide financial benefits and help avoid tricky issues later on, when the couple may be on the verge of a divorce.

The testimony of children in child custody cases

Many Illinois residents might agree that divorce is often very hard on the children. While their parents are eager to leave the past behind and move on in life, the children are insecure. They usually have the desire for their parents to continue to live together under the same roof. However, sadly, that generally does not happen. Hence, in the best interest of the child, the courts sometimes give an opportunity to the child to choose with which parent the child would like to live. This may be attractive to a parent who wishes to get physical custody of the child in a child custody case but there are some things to consider in such a situation.

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