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May 2015 Archives

Protecting mothers' rights sometimes needs strong legal support

There used to be a time when family courts in Illinois as well as across the country believed in the Tender Years' doctrine. That doctrine supported the idea that a child's best interest can only be served if that child remains with the mother. Laws, however, have evolved since then and nowadays the court conducts a Best Interest analysis before it approves a child custody and visitation plan.

Social media is the reason behind many divorces, survey finds

There are various factors that can contribute to the end of a marriage. While some of those factors have existed for years, new factors have also been added over time. For example, social media did not exist until a few years ago. However, according to recent news reports, a survey conducted by Censuswide has revealed that the reason behind every one in seven divorces is somehow related to social media.

Division of marital property after a divorce

Couples in Illinois who are contemplating filing for divorce understand that it is important to know certain facts about the division of marital property. Marital property generally refers to any asset or property purchased or acquired during the course of the marriage.

Enforcing Illinois support orders if a payer crosses state lines

Non-custodial parents in Lake County, Illinois, may be aware that refusal to pay child support is illegal in every state. Payers in arrears may be subject to federal prosecution if payment has not been made for more than one year or the amount owed exceeds $5,000. Defaulters may be fined or serve time in jail for six months. Default status of more than two years and $10,000 owed is considered a criminal misdemeanor and the defaulter may be fined and serve a jail term of two years.

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