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How can same-sex couples prepare for an adoption home review?

For many people who want children but cannot have their own, there is a legal way to bring children into their lives. Adoption is available for everyone, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered couples who cannot have their own children naturally. Like every other state, Illinois requires a home assessment study of a prospective couple's life, including their finances and home, before an adoption can be approved.

Finding the best resolution for any child custody dispute

Most divorces are emotionally challenging, especially when children are involved. As spouses separate, there are specific issues to consider related to the children, including child custody and child support. In Illinois, like elsewhere in the country, family law courts follow the time-honored principle of meeting the best interests of every child. This principle is firmly in mind when a judge establishes a custody arrangement and establishes child support. In some cases, one parent gets sole custody, but in others the two parents will share custody.

Handling finances after divorce and shortly before retirement

As any Illinois resident that has been through it knows, the end of a marriage not only can arouse strong emotions such as anger but also turn finances upside down and make the financial future cloudy at best. In fact, the financial consequences of divorce can last the rest of both former spouses' lives. And, apart from drafting a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that can limit the financial damage, there is little a couple can do to prepare for finances after divorce, even if both spouses decide to part in the most amicable way possible.

Illinois grandparents get full consideration for child custody

Divorce can deal a hard blow to children, especially young ones. If the home environment is angry and hostile, children can become insecure and anxious about the future. They begin to wonder who will take care of them and where they will live. These basic questions can scare children until they have answers. Fortunately, courts use the guideline of putting the best interests of children ahead of all other factors when they consider which parent will get child custody and which parent will pay child support.

Adoption expenses that prospective parents in Illinois may face

Illinois residents would probably agree that a child is a blessing to parents. A couple that is unable to have their own children may feel lonely and to eliminate that loneliness, adoption may be a worthwhile alternative. However, becoming parents, whether to a child whom they have conceived naturally or through adoption, can be an expensive proposition. With some careful planning and meticulous research, parents can budget and include many of the expenses that are a necessary part of the adoption process.

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