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Who can get a protection order for domestic violence or stalking?

In Illinois, an order of protection for domestic violence can be used to prevent stalkers or abusers from harming their victims. A protection order may be obtained if a victim is being stalked or if there is a threat of harm. Once issued, this order can be enforce in order to ensure the safety of the victim.

Illinois changes foster care, child custody system over 10 years

Every child needs love, care, attention and a supportive family while growing up. This helps children grow up to be productive citizens with a healthy and prosperous life. In Illinois, the Department of Children and Family Services works to meet those needs for neglected and abused children by placing them in foster homes with an eye toward their eventual adoption.

The best way to face inquisitiveness about a divorce

The current marriage rate in the country is 6.8 for every thousand individuals, and the rate of separations and annulments is 3.6 per one thousand people, which is over 50 percent of all marriages. According to the statistical records available for 2011, close to 75,000 marriages were solemnized across Illinois in that year, and the number of divorces in the state in the same year was as high as nearly 35,000. The word divorce has nearly become an ordinary household term, and with time it has almost become a run-of-the-mill problem, casting aside the shock and the unpleasant surprise of the phenomena altogether.

Factors to consider when calculating alimony in Illinois

Illinois law usually provides a divorced spouse a sum of money, most often paid monthly and usually identified as alimony, maintenance or spousal support. Typically, alimony is paid after a separation or a divorce and continues to be paid until the receiving spouse remarries or until the death of either spouse.

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