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July 2014 Archives

Illinois organization to counter domestic violence

Domestic violence is a very sensitive issue for residents of Lake County, Illinois, and the rest of the United States. Victims of domestic violence are often unwilling to talk about the topic, and children are very often the worst affected. Many sociologists believe that removal of children from a violent home is the initial step toward ending the cycle of violence.

Man owes $18,000 in child support payment

Many Illinois residents would agree that children are often just as affected by a divorce than the couple who is going through the divorce. To help keep the children's lives in order, child support is often required. Yet, many non-custodial parents fail to fulfill their child support payment responsibilities. Take for instance, a man who, while behind bars, continued to receive a notice from the Illinois Department of Healthcare that he has missed out on child support payments. To date, he owes around $18,000 in child support.

First lesbian alderman from Chicago announces her divorce

Many Lake County, Illinois residents would probably agree that the end of a marriage presents both spouses with a unique set of challenges. Property division, child custody, child support and spousal support are some of the extremely complicated issues that couples have to address at the time of separation. Things can get more complicated when the couple is always in the limelight for a number of reasons.

Children suffer due to domestic violence

Domestic violence is a very delicate topic in Illinois and throughout the United States. Children, often unaware of the situation, are especially affected by emotional distress during such incidents. In some circumstances the ideal situation is the removal of children from such homes, but that is not always possible.

Gay couple from Illinois brings cheer to adopted children

Many Lake County, Illinois, residents may agree that for any orphaned child, a home where he or she is loved and cared for can be a heartening and wonderful experience. It does not matter if the family that adopts the child is a gay or straight couple. Adoption itself can provide security for any homeless kid.

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