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May 2014 Archives

Unpaid child support in Illinois stands above $3 billion

Many Illinois residents would agree that a divorce can be especially hard on the children of a marriage. As a couple fights over alimony and custody rights, the children from that marriage fear the worst. They are unsure about who they will live with and where they will have to live, while their custodial parent worries about monthly payments and health care. Therefore, parents should not fight over child support, and any issue regarding child support should try to be settled amicably.

Kindness may be the antidote to poisonous divorce

Lake County, Illinois, couples will probably agree that divorce does not have to be bitter and contentious. The passage of time may abate bitterness and divorced couples may begin to respect one another. At least, that is the ideal outcome of the situation.

Divorce law: imprisonment for Illinois adultery possible

Lake County, Illinois, spouses who think the threat of incarceration for a year will stop their cheating spouses might need to rethink it. While Illinois is one of 21 states with a law identifying adultery as a Class A misdemeanor, records show the law has not been enforced in nearly 71 years. Since Illinois law enforcement has ignored the law for years, the closest legal experience an adulterous partner may have is facing a righteous partner in a Lake County court room, when seeking a divorce to end the marriage.

Chicago man faces charges for unpaid child support

The money that custodial parents in Illinois and other states receive from noncustodial parents is meant to meet a child's everyday expenses. These arrangements are ordered by courts to ensure that children have a chance at developing without living in poverty. When a custodial parent does not receive a monthly child support payment, however, household finances are strained and the child's best interests are jeopardized.

Family shelter attempts to curb emotional distress amongst teens

Domestic violence occurs daily in Lake County, Illinois, homes and many homes across the United States. Many people who deal with the effects of domestic violence believe that removal from a violent home is the first step to ending the cycle of violence. In addition, another step in stopping domestic violence may be teaching children to respect family and friends. A Cook County, Illinois, family shelter has begun a program to teach the concept that respect for others begins in the home. "Stop The Violence" Boys Respecting Others has been designed to help uproot violent traits in male children, those who are most likely to commit acts of domestic violence as adults.

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