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March 2014 Archives

Do your children's phones need a custody plan?

One of the more challenging aspects to being a parent today is dealing with your children's interaction with technology, especially electronic games and portable devices. Children, it seems, are attracted to bright shinny objects like moths to a flame, and the proliferation of all types of devices from an Xbox or computer game consoles to iPads and smartphones, all of them endlessly fascinating.

Social media and uncomfortable questions in a divorce

Ever been deposed? Most people will answer no, and may comment that they have seen deposition in a movie or on television. Sadly, those tend to be somewhat overly dramatized, making them more interesting than reality. During a divorce proceeding in Illinois, you may be deposed, and that takes us to the subject of social media.

Shacking up may not lead to divorce

Cohabitation among on young adults has increased exponentially. During the 1950s, only bohemians would have admitted to "living together" and for years the activity was referred to with the pejorative "shacking up." It presented a significant concern for many in Illinois and elsewhere, for beyond the moral issues it raised, it was often said to "cause" divorce.

An abstractly fair child custody plan?

Creating a child custody plan is almost always difficult. The parents want to maximize the time with their child or children, but physics prevent an object from being two locations at the same time. The child can only be with one parent at a given time, so how to create the "fairest" allocation of time?

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