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February 2014 Archives

Are you thinking about divorce before your marriage?

You may think only a divorce attorney would be such a "downer" as to think of divorce before a wedding, but if more people gave it some thought, it might actually lower the divorce rate. How you may ask? As a divorce attorney in the Chicago area, one sees a great many types of marriages and observes much of what goes wrong in those marriages.

A smile in the end?

Divorce can be hard on women, economically. For all the rhetoric concerning how men are taken advantage of and left in poverty by the child support system, women face a more difficult challenge after the breakup of a marriage. Women experience a per capita drop in their income because of a divorce and have higher poverty rates.

They might tell their hair stylists

Domestic violence is a delicate subject. Many women in Illinois, and a few men, who are its victims, have a difficult time admitting that it happens. They are often extremely conflicted, and when confronted by law enforcement, may become quite defensive. They may defend their abuser and deny the existence of any domestic violence, even though they bear the bruises and scars of that abuse.

Is waiting for a divorce a good idea?

When we remember the past, we tend to sand off the harsh edges. Holidays growing up with our family may seem somewhat better in retrospect than when we experienced them the first time. The 1950s seem like an idyllic time, with Leave it to Beaver and Ozzie and Harriet painting a picture of a simpler time, where husbands worked, women stayed home and raised children on tree lined streets of homes with white picket fences.

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