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A father, not a sperm donor

Ignorance of the law is no defense. Typically, this saying is attached to criminal issues, but it has broader applicability. It generally means that you can still be held accountable for your actions, even if you did not know something was against the law.

Who's picking up the kids at swimming?

Much of family law that deals with children operates under the guiding principal of "the best interests of the child." This seems like a good starting point. However, as with many things related to family law, just how one achieves this "best interest" is a matter of great debate.

Is too much child support a problem?

A bill has been introduced across the border in Illinois' neighboring state of Wisconsin that would make changes to the rules in family court for child custody and child support. What is interesting is what those changes are opposed by many advocates who work in family court, including the attorneys from the State Bar of Wisconsin's Family Law Section.

What do your children really feel about your divorce?

Divorce, when you are in the middle of it, may seem very much like a hurricane, with torrential "rain" clouding your judgment and 100-mph winds buffeting your emotions. With so many disturbing aspects to a divorce, many individuals are unable to clearly think about much beyond their own self-preservation.

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