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Divorce advice: run it by your attorney first

When a spouse decides to file for divorce, there is one thing that is sure to follow: advice. The helpful suggestions, words of wisdom, recommendations and cautious warnings from family and friends seem inescapable, so why does anyone hire a Lake County attorney to do exactly the same thing?

llinois becomes the 15th state to recognize same-sex marriage

With the signing of the bill authorizing same-sex marriage next week, Illinois becomes the 15th state to open up its marriage laws to all couples. When the law goes into effect next June, same-sex couples will be able to marry in Illinois. And, after the passage of some time, some of those couples will conclude their marriage is not working and decide to get a divorce.

A way out of the child support quagmire?

It seems simple enough. The amount of child support is set, more or less, by a statutory formula in Illinois. The math is not that complex, for most people. The support is paid to help children. Even in this discordant world, few subjects seem more likely to win the support (no pun) of people, than children do. Yet, the topic of child support is likely to spawn a vitriolic debate, with partisans from each side using emotionally laden anecdotes to make their point.

Do-it-yourself artificial insemination contract may be expensive

Contracts are an interesting area of law. Contracts may be formal or informal, some oral contracts can be valid and contracts can be used for many purposes. One conjunction of family law and contract law is the divorce settlement. When you go to court in Illinois to enforce a term of the agreement, you are enforcing a contract term.

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