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September 2013 Archives

Public nuisance laws punish women for calling 911

In many cities across Illinois and the rest of the nation, women who call the police to report domestic violence by boyfriend and husbands, risk becoming a victim a second time to a system that may deem them a nuisance and force their eviction from their home.

Should a property settlement include a woman's eggs?

A property settlement is an essential part of any Illinois divorce agreement. The assets and liabilities of a couple are divided in an equitable fashion, to best compensate both parties from the marriage. And equitable does not mean even, but it should be fair. For instance, if one spouse stayed home, because the other had a high-income from their career, the stay-at-home spouse may be entitled to alimony to make up for giving up a career. 

Insurer may face $5 million in penalties in divorce case

The devil is in the details and for anyone involved in an Illinois divorce, it certainly is true. However, few people dealing with the issues of a divorce case expect that they will wind up fighting a large heath insurance company for child support payments. The detail here is the definition of "payor." The litigation over this word has led to Blue Cross Blue Shield being potentially liable for $5 million.

Do you need to hire a forensic accountant for your divorce?

If you have been married for a long time in Illinois, a divorce can be a scary proposition. Even if you may be the party instigating the divorce, the massive disruption that a divorce means for most peoples' lives, is enough to give you pause.

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