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What do you call an unmarried couple's divorce?

Do you really need a piece of paper to be married? After all, marriage is about the commitment two people feel towards each other. They must share this mutual commitment to have a successful relationship, and merely having a piece of paper from Illinois will not secure their chances of fulfilling that "til death do us part," part.

More siblings, less divorce?

Does your number of brothers and sisters make a difference in the likelihood of your marriage ending in a divorce here in Illinois? According to a recent study, the more brothers or sisters you have, the lower your risk for a divorce. The study from Ohio State University found that each sibling reduces your risk of divorce by 2 percent. 

Have you accounted for all your assets?

A divorce for women can leave them in a precarious financial situation. The division of property necessary to support two households sometimes stretches the resources thin. But this is not always the case. For a high-asset divorce, the greater problem for the wife may be ensuring that she has located all of the assets that are marital property during the divorce proceeding.

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When we think of child support, we typically consider a situation where a couple has been married, has a child, and have gone on to divorce, with one of the parties then being required to pay child support. A necessary corollary to this scenario is that we presume that the child is the child of the man (mother's are pretty much guaranteed) of whom child support is being requested.

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