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Who is paying the mortgage after your divorce?

A divorce can be overwhelming. You may feel as if your world is coming apart at the seams. In some senses, it is. Your family unit is being remade into two separate, but related entities. If you have children, you will have many years of interaction remaining with your former spouse, but one area where the break needs to be exceptionally clean, is financially.

Illinois study looks at parent-child relationship after divorce

Most of our readers in Illinois are probably aware of the fact that statistics can be misleading. For instance, a recent survey conducted at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that divorce when the children are young adversely affects the parent-child relationship later in life. 

Headed toward divorce but still in the same house?

Things can get unpleasant very quickly when a couple begins to experience marital problems. When one of the spouses decides that it is time to get a divorce, it can make things much worse. Often, one of the spouses will leave the couple’s residence because it is too difficult to share the same space after the process has started.

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