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Headed toward divorce but still in the same house?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Things can get unpleasant very quickly when a couple begins to experience marital problems. When one of the spouses decides that it is time to get a divorce, it can make things much worse. Often, one of the spouses will leave the couple’s residence because it is too difficult to share the same space after the process has started.

While living apart after a divorce is filed is usually best for both sides, sometimes this is simply not possible. With the economy slowly rebounding, many couples do not have the financial means to live separately. They must stay together under the same roof until their financial situation improves. This can lead to serious issues if the couple does not have a solid plan in place.

During this period, the spouses need to make some ground rules so that they can share the same space peacefully. Perhaps this means that one spouse will move into a guest bedroom or basement. This can help ensure the spouses get the time they need to work through the issues they are experiencing.

If the couple has children, it is crucial that both spouses discuss how they will handle raising the children during this part of the process. They may try to co-parent, with each parent being able to express their needs and concerns. If this does not work, they should try to develop a plan that may be similar to what will be put in place after the divorce. When one of the spouses is scheduled to have time with the child, the other should not interrupt.

It will take a lot of commitment from both individuals to make these types of arrangements work. Those who have questions about divorce may decide to speak to an experienced family law attorney about their concerns. An attorney can help these individuals come to agreements on outstanding issues, allowing the couple to move on with their lives.

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