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June 2013 Archives

Property division and frequent flyer miles

One troubling aspect of a divorce is the necessity to deconstruct your life as it currently exists. When you divorce, you need to separate all of the assets of the household and move them to the two new household that will remain after the divorce. The process of doing that can be time consuming, but is necessary in order to create an equitable property division, which is the standard used in Illinois.

Child support and divorce

Child support is considered a fundamental duty of every parent to his or her children. This is why you can be required to pay child support even if you have never been married, as the obligation stems from being a parent, not from being married. And this is why it is virtually impossible to avoid a child support obligation. If you owe back child support payments you cannot discharge them in a bankruptcy, and your paycheck, bank accounts, tax refunds and lottery winnings can be garnished. 

Is your dog really just another piece of property?

During a divorce, some of the most difficult questions appear in relation to child custody issues. This makes sense, as parents love their children and often times both parents believe their ability to care for their children is superior to that of the person who will become their former spouse. Because of this, there is a formal structure to resolve child custody matters, and a great deal of case law that has developed in Illinois and most other states.

A text is forever

Okay, maybe not forever, but probably for long enough for it to cause problems. Cellphones, smartphones, Twitter, Facebook and all the rest of the electronic devices and social media create an almost unavoidable problem for most people. Carrying a cellphone and checking Facebook have become almost an unconscious, reflexive action for most people. We check texts and voicemail, tweet or update a Facebook page and we may do it so frequently that we fail to even recognize we are doing it.

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