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Can you reduce a child support payment?

In Illinois, when a parent believes they can no longer afford their child support, they can request a modification. In order for a court to grant such a modification, the parent must show a substantial change in circumstances justifying the modification of the child support obligation.

Is there a clause in your divorce decree you don't understand?

A Texas court has enforced a "morality clause" in a divorce decree. This clause is standard in Texas divorces and many other states. It is used to prevent a parent from having "romantic partners" spend the night when the parents have physical custody of the children.

Alimony for men?

Alimony, or as it is known now in Illinois, maintenance, used to be almost wholly an item that men paid and women received. As more women move in to jobs that allow them to exceed the earnings of their husbands, when it comes time to divorce, as nearly half of American marriages do, some of those women are suddenly finding themselves on the side of those obligated to pay alimony.

Domestic violence resources in Illinois

Illinois healthcare workers are often the first outside individuals that become aware that domestic abuse is occurring in a family. Sadly, these individuals do not always know who to refer victims of domestic violence so that they can receive the help they badly need. Victims are often understandably afraid that if they seek divorce, they and there children may be left in poverty.

Cook County often seals divorce cases for the rich and powerful

Though they are frequently settled out of court, divorces in Illinois are legal matters just like criminal prosecutions or personal injury litigation. Spouses must go through the court to have their settlement and child custody plans approved. If they cannot agree on these matters on their own, they can go to trial to have a judge make the decisions.

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