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Deion Sanders’ divorce case drags on with an appeal

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Some divorce cases can be held up as an exemplar of how most people would not want their divorce to play out. The Deion and Pilar Sanders’ divorce case in Texas has become a drawn out war of attrition between the two battling spouses. Deion was recently awarded custody of the couple’s three children and the prenuptial agreement was ruled valid by an arbitrator deciding the issue.

The prenuptial agreement is significant, because Deion, a former star football player with the Dallas Cowboys, is estimated to be worth $250 million, a number he denies. He owns a home valued at $21 million and an apartment in Dallas worth more than $4 million. If the prenuptial agreement had been found invalid, Pilar could have potentially shared a substantial portion of his assets.

The couple has had a stormy divorce, including a police call involving accusations of assault by each other. Because Deion was named conservator, which in Texas is similar to physical custody, he will not have to pay child support to Pilar.

Her attorney has said she will challenge the arbitrator’s decision on the prenuptial agreement, and claims they have a witness who will testify that there are problems with the prenuptial agreement and that Sanders attempted to hide assets.

If may be possible to challenge a prenuptial agreement if there was fraud when it was created, but depending on where the court process is, it may be too late to introduce new evidence. Even if the appeals court denies their motion, it may not be the end of the case, as she appears willing to litigate every issue.

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