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March 2013 Archives

Deion Sanders' divorce case drags on with an appeal

Some divorce cases can be held up as an exemplar of how most people would not want their divorce to play out. The Deion and Pilar Sanders' divorce case in Texas has become a drawn out war of attrition between the two battling spouses. Deion was recently awarded custody of the couple's three children and the prenuptial agreement was ruled valid by an arbitrator deciding the issue.

Ending an unmarried relationship: an un-divorce?

For some women, delaying marriage until they are older, have completed school and begun their career, has become standard. And some women enter relationships and never marry. In the last two decades, another trend has developed, with more women having children in their 20s and then remaining unmarried.

Do-it-yourself divorce is full of peril for the unwary

With a divorce, the devil is always in the details. Some people may think they have a straightforward situation, and that they can easily put together a divorce on their own. However, a do-it-yourself divorce is fraught with peril for a couple of reasons.

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