Do You Need A Child Visitation Lawyer?

Stability and security for your children is my primary concern in the divorce process. The process can be tough on children, no matter how good your relationship with your ex-spouse is going forward.

I understand that you have thought this decision through and that you are trying to do what is best for your family. My job as a child visitation lawyer is to make sure visitation and parenting plans are built in your children's best interest while also protecting your parenting rights.

Children Are A Fragile Part Of The Divorce Process

I encourage people to come to an agreement regarding a visitation or parenting time schedule. You know your children better than any judge.

An out-of-court agreement keeps control in your hands, but if no agreement can be reached, we will work together to protect the best interests of your children. We will make sure the judge has all the information he or she needs to make a decision that is best for your children.

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Thinking About Establishing Parenting Time?

Essentially, parenting time (joint custody cases) and visitation (sole custody cases) are the same in Illinois. Each term describes how much time a parent is spending with his or her children. In most cases, children principally live with one parent and the other parent will usually pay child support.

The court will require that the parents attempt to come to an agreement as to custody and parenting time (or visitation); otherwise, the parties will be ordered to participate in mediation.

Can The Parenting Plan Be Modified?

Modifications can be difficult, but visitation or parenting time can be adjusted. Modifications can be made for something as simple as a change in work schedules, or something more substantial such as a relocation/move-away or concerns for a child's safety and supervised visitation.

To stop visits or require that they be supervised is another matter. If your children are seriously endangered, you need an experienced trial attorney who has been there before, and who knows what needs to be done to protect your children.

I will work to account for all factors that affect your parenting plan, and I will assertively advocate for the best interests of you and your children.

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