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Helping you secure a fair child support order

Divorce can be difficult. Even when spouses are onboard with the process, if children are involved this can further complicate dissolution. While it is possible that children understand what is going on and that it is for the best, the fact of the matter is that divorce will alter their life as they know it. The transition from a one-home family to a two-home family can be a big deal. And, while parents seek to meet the emotional needs of their child by developing a suitable child custody arrangement, parents must also consider the child's financial wellbeing as well.

Support for those struggling with child support payments

When you are going through divorce court and there are children involved, most of the decisions will be made to assure that the best interests of the children are met. For child custody, they will determine who is the primary caretaker, whether there is a history of alcohol or substance abuse or even domestic violence. They may even ask the children how they feel about their relationship with each of their parents.

Bill would suspend child support payments if payer is in jail

One issue that can complicate child support matters in Illinois is if the paying parent is incarcerated. After all, if the paying parent is in jail, they will not be able to work to afford to pay child support. Moreover, once released from prison, they are left with a large child support bill that strips them bare financially. Some may even turn to committing further crimes in order to pay child support, which then may land them back in jail. It's a vicious loop.

Help is available for those seeking a child support modification

Children in Illinois depend on the support of both of their parents, both emotionally and financially. Of course, it costs money to raise a child in a healthy and supportive environment. For the benefit of the child, when the child's parents are no longer in a relationship with each other, either due to divorce or a break-up, the noncustodial parent will usually be ordered to pay child support.

Paying child support in the digital age

In today's digital age, gone are the days when a noncustodial parent must mail a check for child support. While that is still an option, these days noncustodial parents in Illinois can pay their child support obligations over the phone, with a credit card online or have payments automatically deducted from their bank account.

Child support changes looming for Illinois parents

Child support has always had the potential for conflict. Settling on an amount that was deemed fair by both of the child's parents was often difficult, especially considering that each parent's case is unique, and doesn't necessarily fit well into a formula or algorithm. Sometimes it would even result in one parent's refusal to pay the other parent what is owed. However, child support laws in Illinois are on the brink of significant changes.

How are child support obligations enforced in Illinois?

Child support obligations are important for parents to take seriously. If a non-custodial parent fails to make required child support payments according to a child support order, they can face significant consequences. In Illinois, parents may wonder what these potential penalties and consequences are. There are several different child support enforcement methods that may be applied in circumstances when there has been a failure to pay child support.

A way to clear the record of delinquent child support payments

When a parent in Illinois fails to live up to his or her obligation to make child support payments on time and in full, there will likely be a pursuit by child support enforcement to collect on the delinquent payments. Many penalties are possible, including the garnishment of wages and even the threat of jail. Some parents who have had legitimate problems preventing them from keeping up with the payments might believe that there will be a sword hanging over them forever with the accompanying stigma of not living up to the most important obligation of adequately caring for a child. There is, however, a way to have the past due child support removed from the record through the "Clean Slate" program.

Fines, probation and other penalties for delinquent payments

Child support is taken very seriously in Illinois, and a parent who is not living up to his or her obligation based on the support agreement and is facing charges that there are delinquent payments might have to deal with certain penalties. This can include a fine and even being arrested. Understanding the law for failing to adhere to a child support order is imperative so that a parent can try to get the situation corrected and avoid any further legal entanglements.

Options if there is a tax refund intercept for child support

When an Illinois resident is ordered to pay a certain amount to comply with a child support agreement and fails to do so, there are numerous actions that can be taken for child support enforcement purposes. One option that can be used by the state is intercepting tax refunds or money that the supporting parent is scheduled to receive. A parent who is informed that this is going to be done will often have questions about how to stop it.

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